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VT-100D-BT Keyless one way smart car alarm System

1.Anti-hijacking by driver's door ACC ON and remote control
2.Outptut to activate window roll-up module
3.Remote arming
4.Slient arming
6.Remote trunk release
7.Remote sensor bypass
8.Panic/car locating
9.Emergency override
10.Valet mode
11.LED status indicator
12. CODE learning
13.Mobile APP remote car alarm system
14.Replace the normal remote with original433/370/315MHz
15.Both google APP market and APP store can download.

Package Included:

Fit For: 12V battery car, van, pickup truck, SUV, etc., general purpose products
Operating Voltage: 12V±3V
Quiescent Current: less than 10mA
max current of the central door lock: 10A
Working Frequency: 315/370/433.92mhz

Function Declaration:

Feature 1 Anti-hijacking by driver's door,ACC ON and remote control
Feature 2 Outptut to activate window roll-up module
Feature 3 Remote arming
Feature 4 Silent arming
Feature 5 Auto-rearming
Feature 6 Auto arming
Feature 7 Remote trunk release
Feature 8 Safety door lock by ignition
Feature 9 Remote semsor bypass
Feature 10 Panic/car locating
Feature 11 Emergency override
Feature 12 Valet mode
Feature 13 LED status indicator
Feature 14 Code learning
Feature 15 Mobile APP remote car alarm system
Feature 16 APP page is simple and easy to use
Feature 17

Replace the normal remote with original 433.92/370/315MHz

Feature 18 APP is compatible with normal remote control and both can be operated
Feature 19 No need to change the program of main unit, just replace it with the following receiving board.
Feature 20 Enter the learning mode of original car alarm system, press APP any button to learn the code
Feature 21 Open the phone BT to use this app without BT matching
Feature 22 Both google APP market and APP store can download.